Free Printable Gardening Journal Pages

A garden journal can help you improve your garden year after year, track where you planted things, monitor which seeds you’ve saved, and even make “correction of error” notes – things to NOT do the following year. Below you’ll find several exclusive printables you can download free of charge. Enjoy!

Garden Layout Printable Page

Trust me on this one – be sure that you mark down somewhere what you planted and where. Especially if you have multiple varieties of the same type of plant. Nothing’s worse than having something do amazing in your garden and then losing track of which variety it was.

Seed Starter Log

This is specifically for those who are starting their own seeds. Track germination rates and other notes and jot down where you purchased the seeds so you can track everything.

Notes for Next Year

Quite possibly, this is the most important page of the bunch this gives you the chance to mark all misc. information, notes for things you want to try next year, or even a summary of successes (and failures) from this year.

Monthly Garden Journal Pages

Print off one for each month and make notes as needed. You’ll begin to see patterns and cycles emerge as you make your regular notes.

I would love to see your garden journals when you make them. I like to use a three-ringed binder and can use the plastic envelopes to hold seed packets.


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