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" I really enjoyed this book and loved the perspective that you can start right now, where you live -- even in the city apartment - to make a more self-reliant and sustainable life for yourself and your family. Its what I say on my blog. Its what I say on my Facebook page. Start now. Start today. And take another step toward self reliant, sustainable living. Getting this book will help you with that."
~ C. Dalziel

"I've tried many times to have a garden but was never sure how. Through reading this book I feel not only educated but empowered this season. It covers everything I had questions on - and I found out so much more that I didn't know I needed to know. Yes, it's one of THOSE books!"
~ Alaina Frederick

"I really appreciate this author. The book was written as if you were sitting right there with the author."
~ Amazon verified reviewer

"I have read pretty much every book on homesteading, small farming, and gardening. And I have tried out many of the recommended tips. This book is going to be a great resource for anyone wanting to produce food for themselves. It is easy to understand, comprehensive enough to be a real guide, and geared towards the newbie."
~ Amazon Review

"Written from a "do-it-yourself" point of view, Angela's writing style is easy to read, easy to follow, and you really do understand what she is saying. I have read so many books that fill with so much technical mumbo jumbo that I couldn't glean any information from them, but this book is so easy to read."
~ Heather

"I always feel so overwhelmed when trying to research how to go about growing a garden or doing any type of farming on a small scale since I am beginner in this whole area but Angela England made it so easy to dive in and learn all about it.... I plan on buying a copy for my Mom and each of my sisters!
~ Shana