Free Online Chicken Coop Plans to Download

When researching the book I came across several free chicken coop plans. You can use these to download, print off, and build a fabulous home for your chickies. Depending on the size of your flock and your backyard, these plans may need to be adapted to suit your needs.

One of our small chicken coops. See several plans to build one of your own.

Chicken Coop Shed – 10×12

This simple chicken coop is built like a lean-to shed and would be inexpensive and easy to build. Designed to include feed storage area and nest boxes. Courtesy of the University of Tennessee.

Chicken Brooder House – 8 x 8

These plans show a smaller chicken house suitable for pigeons, chicken brooders, and smaller chicken breeds like bantams. The design allows some flexibility and shows a full-sized door as well as ventilation windows. Courtesy of the University of Tennessee.

Medium-Sized Chicken Coop Plans

This plan shows a simple chicken coop plan suitable for a medium flock of chickens. The perfect size to hold between 25-40 chickens, this plan shows a simple pitched-roof design to keep your chickens safe and warm. Courtesy of the University of Tennessee.

Large Home Poultry House for 50 Chickens

This chicken coop plan is large enough for 40-50 chickens. It includes a feed bin area and nest boxes all built into the chicken coop structure. Approximately 10 by 10 with plenty of roosts and space for a large backyard chicken flock. Courtesy of the University of Tennessee.

Homemade Automatic Chicken Waterers

A collection of homemade chicken waterers from the North Dakota Agricultural College. Some really great ideas for repurposing items already in the backyard farm.

Build Your Own Chicken Feed Hoppers

Several options for chicken feeders including greens, oyster shells, and traditional chicken feed hoppers. This chick run feeder is also from the North Dakota Agricultural College.

Detailed Plans for Building Nest Boxes 

These nest boxes can be built seperately and added into any chicken coop, portable chicken yard, or pen. Plans from the North Dakota Agricultural College.

Do you have a chicken coop plan you want to share? Email me or upload a photo of it to our Facebook page!  


  1. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for the coop plans. Really interested in the waterer and feed hopper.

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